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Simplifying Blockchain

Red Skies Limited is a UK based leading blockchain company, providing solutions to advance the adoption of blockchain technology by enterprise and the wider world. From customised supply chain or payment solutions to our groundbreaking .NET carbon-neutral blockchain protocol for developers, Catalyst, Red Skies is at the forefront of a decentralised revolution.

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You are our obsession

Unlocking the potential of blockchain technology through innovative products and solutions.

Our mission is to make decentralised technology simple to understand, cheap to use and easy to integrate with other systems. By working closely with partners and other blockchain businesses to drill deep, we can get the best out of this extraordinary technology whilst also developing cutting edge applications that use the unique features of blockchain. We want to become the UK’s leader in the provision of simple blockchain solutions and services that benefit everyone.

Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution or a customised option, we have the technology and infrastructure to help identify and create what you need.

We have a vision.
A vision of the future
where decentralised
services are accessible to all.

Blockchain for Business

With a suite of products already available, there is a solution here to help take your business to the next level.

Catalyst Framework

Our open source .NET blockchain protocol
has been developed for scalable enterprise use and provides a groundbreaking platform for developers to create next generation dApps.

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A unique asset protection tool, Timescribe,
enables you to protect your intellectual assets in seconds, providing permanent evidence of ownership and strengthening your IP claims.

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Doc Handler

Doc Handler provides a solution for ports and dock logistics
by eliminating errors that arise from the re-keying of data and enables unprecedented logistical efficiencies.

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Industry decentralised

Red Skies provides decentralised products and solutions to all industries with a specific focus and expertise in finance, supply chain, cybersecurity and recycling.

Supply Chain

Enabling ports, ships and trucks to safely and efficiently move cargo.


Protecting data and services with leading technology.


Providing a gateway into decentralised finance (DeFi).

Recycling and ESG

Cleaning the environment from plastic and other recyclables.

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