Helping businesses

How we support businesses in a decentralised world?

We have a vision

A vision of the future where decentralised services are accessible to all

We want to become the UK’s leader in the provision of blockchain solutions and services that benefit everyone and we know how important it is for you to understand the features and benefits of blockchain.

At Red Skies, we’re committed to bringing blockchain to business and we have the knowledge, tools and infrastructure to build, test and implement high value blockchain solutions and products that can bring value to your business.

With a drive to make decentralised technology simple to understand, cost effective to use and easy to integrate with other systems, we can consult with you to show you ways that you can improve your business processes and create new revenue models. With some insight, you can:

  • Improve privacy, security and governance
  • Increase transparency and accountability
  • Unlock new business models and opportunities


read Case Study

This document provides a brief introduction in a printable format for how blockchain can help with food provenance. 

read Case Study

What can we do?

  • Education and test and learn – From a facilitated ideation session to the development of a trial, we’ll work with you to explore what is possible for your business and turn a simple idea into a use case or a genuine possibility.
  • Setting up – We start with a goal setting exercise, where we discuss your specific aspirations followed by a practical application of blockchain innovation. We can help you apply this technology to drive your transformation plans and ideas.
  • Strategy assessment – We will assess your goals and evaluation of blockchain’s potential business impact and application to your specific situation in order to define and prioritise your transformation. We’ll review options with you, covering use cases, market analysis, business modelling and proof of concept trials.
  • Solution design – We will design a holistic solution encompassing people, process, operating model and technology to maximise the transformation across your business based on your specific needs.
  • Build and implementation – We will undertake complex implementation management, third party integration and custom coding to ensure that the solution fits within existing systems to meet future demand.
  • Joint ventures and co-development – Collaborate and leverage our expertise. Work with us to jointly develop new platforms or applications and benefit from our open-source Catalyst network.


We will help you tackle strategic and operational tasks to develop production-ready blockchain solutions. Chat to us today to find out how we can help you and check out our blog to learn more about how blockchain can impact your business positively.

What we offer

We offer a range of customised consultancy solutions ranging from light touch to deep dive. Access the expertise of our team to help you understand the benefits of blockchain technology and how it can be applied.


Identify your problem and generate ideas

Team Discussion
Market Research


Review and refine concept ideas

Test the market
Technical review
Concept mockups


Build and test MVPs to clarify solutions

Software Development
Software Testing
Software Deployment


Develop solution and future roadmap

Agree product roadmap
Agile development
Continuous market review