Scaling Blockchain For Business

Why work with Red Skies?

Ports, Ships and Trucks

Red Skies is a leading blockchain developer and product creator

Our .NET blockchain protocol, Catalyst, is the first of its kind to offer a unique solution to enterprise to enable cost efficiencies and process improvements. Red Skies works with a wide range of partners, spanning multiple industries from both the private and public sectors.

With simple to use tools, scalability and leading edge features, Catalyst can help lead your business into the future.

A case study looking at supply chains during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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This document provides a brief introduction in a printable format for how blockchain can help with food provenance. 

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What your business can achieve with blockchain

Maximise your data security and scale your business efficiently and smartly by integrating Catalyst.

  • Eliminate duplication and unnecessary administrative steps
  • Speed up your transaction processing
  • Build solutions and customise quickly and simply


Leverage digital and financial assets to create innovative payment mechanisms

  • Tokenise digital assets
  • Apply a trusted security layer
  • Transparent ecosystem

Protect your data and assets uniquely and sustain trusted networks

  • Deploy public-private key pairs
  • Introduce indisputable accountability
  • Decentralise data for easy access across all devices

What is blockchain?

Blockchain technology has been around for many years but its adoption is only just starting to scale. Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger technology which makes it a perfect solution for enabling organisations and businesses to streamline processes, improve data protection and cybersecurity.

Would you benefit from a blockchain solution?

  • Do you manage a lot of data and want to store it more economically?
  • Do you manage multiple transactions and require cutting edge secure networks?
  • Do you want to create, invest or manage digital assets?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, get in touch and learn more about how blockchain can revolutionise your business.