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A complete .NET framework – Open source and community driven


Blockchain for enterprise

Industrial systems need technology built to the highest quality with a superior support network foundation. Catalyst is a blockchain protocol spanning decentralised ledger, file storage and compute to enable a new generation of powerful online services built for the most demanding of environments.

Catalyst is developed in .NET Core along supported by tooling, including extensions to popular IDE’s and blockchain explorers.

Visit the Catalyst website for more details, visit our Github account or join one of the many community groups supporting Catalyst.

learning from blockchains

Introduction to Catalyst Network

We are engaged in deep research and development with many published technical papers and open source projects covering all things decentralised, from secure file distribution to tokenomics.

To stay ahead of the competition we invest heavily in research and development, both internally and through hackathons and other partner events. The paper to the right is a technical overview paper of the Catalyst project.

catalyst security paper

A deep drive into the security underpinning the Catalyst Network

Blockchain needs good resilience to attack and so this paper looks at the realistic chance of attack against the public Catalyst network.

Other papers are available and we contribute heavily to other blockchain papers in order to help drive the entire blockchain ecosystem forward.