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Simplifying Port Logistics

Doc Handler– a blockchain enabled solution for the ports and shipping industry

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From data entry to data transmission and beyond

Did you know that up to 50% of a consignment’s shipping time can be spent on processing documents due to missing, incorrect or duplicated data? Doc Handler is a concept product that eliminates errors arising from the re-keying of data. Doc Handler is a no-document system that eliminates reliance on physical certificates and creates auto-populated entries on blockchain.

Doc Handler harnesses the power of all of our products to create a unique blockchain-powered solution for shipping and transport that addresses multiple challenges existing in modern day shipping and port logistics and the transport of goods and cargo.

Using the timestamping features of Timescribe, Catalyst integrated storage and the payments power of Cent, Doc Handler maintains a single source of end to end information for each consignment that can be accessed by multiple parties but never altered, thereby removing the risk of error as it moves through the process.

SOlutions for the future implemented now

Key benefits of Doc Handler

  • Single source of truth – All information relevant to a consignment will be available at a single point.
  • Reduced error rate – No re-keying of data across stakeholders resulting in reduced errors.
  • Records are permanent – A detailed, permanent and unalterable record of every consignment’s journey.
  • Improved accountability – Every stakeholder is made responsible for the data they provide.