Protect designs and ideas with Timescribe

Red Skies Release Beta Version Of Timescribe, An Innovative Solution To Protecting Designs and Ideas

September 2, 2020 – LONDON, UK – Pioneering blockchain technology company, Red Skies, has launched an innovative blockchain-powered asset protection tool, Timescribe, to provide a solution to the increasing number of content creators, start-ups and designers having their designs and ideas copied or used without consent. Timescribe is available at with free and paid options for users.

Timescribe provides a decentralised solution to protect text and image copyrights by timestamping, and therefore, evidencing intellectual property. Timescribe has been created to protect a range of users, from designers, content creators, start-ups, academics, researchers, writers, solicitors, photographers and artists, any user in need of proving ownership of an asset at a specific point in time.

The solution publishes the digital fingerprint of the asset to the Ethereum blockchain alongside the creator’s information and the data is then permanently and immutably stored, ensuring total proof of ownership of their digital asset. Whilst in beta stage, users can sign up for free and enjoy timestamping their creations to enjoy total protection. Further features are planned in coming weeks. Red Skies welcomes feedback regarding the user experience of Timescribe as they continue to develop new features and enhance the experience.

With current copyright laws in need of an overhaul, Timescribe offers an innovative solution for protection of ownership of intellectual assets. Timescribe is the first in a suite of products due to be released by Red Skies.


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