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Blockchain for Cybersecurity and Information Security

Protecting data and services – Cyber threats are on the increase and we have in-house expertise in infosec and cybersecurity

protecting data with blockchain

Keeping the world safe by protecting data and services with leading technology

Red Skies is driven by the principles of security, privacy and protecting the rights of business and all members of society.

The team at Red Skies has experience with working on sensitive systems in government, financial services and defence companies and has a successful infrastructure in place to apply that experience to build the most secure decentralised networks on the planet. We are happy to work with businesses, governments and other organisations to further the goals of security and privacy for everyone.

Cyber threats are on the increase and we have in-house expertise in information security and cybersecurity. We have the tools and infrastructure to help you protect your data and services.

Contact us if you want more information, want to understand how our products and solutions can apply to you or want to learn how blockchain can help solve your business challenges with new decentralised and cloud technologies

Download this printable file for an overview of how Catalyst can be used to build a decentralised email service. 

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Advancing digital authentication with Catalyst

We’ve all become dependent upon email for our daily lives but just how trustworthy is it? Red Skies is at the heart of security developments with our groundbreaking .NET blockchain protocol, Catalyst, our time stamping tool, Timescribe, and our new digital wallet, Cent.

Red Skies is one of the leading blockchain and cloud product creators and our blockchain protocol, Catalyst, is the first of its kind. We use blockchain to enable cost efficiencies and process improvements for enterprise whilst also providing a platform for developers to build next generation decentralised apps or dApps.

Catalyst has been built to support a new wave of apps and services, built to scale as needed to meet the demands of modern businesses and to integrate with traditional systems using trusted engineering technologies such as .NET.

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Decentralised timestamping with Timescribe

Blockchain-powered timestamping is the ideal method to create proofs and evidence for life that documents, designs, or anything requiring protection, have not changed and are owned by a known person or business.

Aimed at the booming $5.5bn digital signatures market, Timescribe launched in May 2020 and is a unique asset protection tool that strengthens your IP claims. Timescribe creates permanent and unalterable evidence on blockchain to prove ownership and existence of your intellectual assets. Timescribe enables you to protect your intellectual assets in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s a design to protect or a contract to secure, Timescribe provides you with permanent and unalterable evidence to prove ownership and existence of your documents. Timescribe strengthens IP claims by capturing the three most critical pieces of data to protect any intellectual asset: the who, when and what of your ideas, content and designs.

To learn more about how Timescribe can benefit your business, contact us or learn more at

Timestamping, Download this printable file for an overview of how Timescribe is providing powerful new capabilities. 

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Catalyst is Red Skies’s native distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform developed to specifically streamline workflow processes, reduce administrative tasks and increase productivity. With Catalyst, you can easily manage how data is moved across your company and give your teams the power to share data securely.

The Catalyst protocol is open source which means, as well as being able to drive unprecedented efficiencies with businesses, Catalyst is also a platform upon which developers can create new and innovative decentralised apps and services of their own.

Catalyst can be applied to a vast number of use cases dependent upon if you wish to use it independently or in conjunction with timestamping or decentralised finance solutions.

Use cases range from a simple integration through to a comprehensive strategic solution that can revolutionise a business or enterprise. Contact us to find out how Catalyst and other Red Skies products and solutions are helping businesses benefit from blockchain technology.

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