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The new wave of financial services

The beating heart of decentralised finance (DeFi)

Blockchain has had a huge impact on the world of financial services and much more is yet to come. Early coverage focused on the world of cryptocurrencies but decentralised finance (DeFi) encompasses so much more than that.

While the cryptocurrency market is still a multi-billion dollar industry, blockchain is expanding into more traditional markets. Decentralised Finance (DeFi), also called the Open Finance Movement, is a rapidly growing area of finance where every type of traditional financial service such as savings, loans, trading, insurance are provided in a decentralised fashion on a blockchain.

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Blockchain for financial services

Our groundbreaking digital wallet makes investment in digital assets simpler and safer

Cent, our digital wallet, aims to improve financial literacy by making investment in digital assets simple, safe and secure and by providing a platform and the tools for self-education about cryptocurrency investment. Cent has been purpose built to support multiple currencies and DeFi.

Beyond Cent, traditional financial businesses are looking at how blockchain technology can help them remain competitive, leading to new forms of state digital currency and with traditional trading and exchange businesses getting involved in blockchain.

We have the infrastructure in place to support your business in joining the movement towards decentralised finance. With our core wallet just launched, we will continue to add features and build a programme of financial tools relevant for now and the future.

The world of financial services is changing rapidly. Red Skies is here to help you navigate the new world of digital finance.

Benefits of Decentralised Finance


Data that cannot be tampered with equates to higher standards of security.

Smart Contracts

Decentralised finance enables smart contracts that mean new financial tools and assets can be created.


Decentralised finance means that applications and protocols are built to integrate and remove the friction of closed operating systems.


Decentralised Finance promotes the use of decentralised networks and open source software to create multiple types of financial services and products, in particular leveraging blockchain technology. There are many characteristics that make up decentralised finance including peer to peer payment systems, digital wallets or automated loans. Decentralised finance offers a genuinely progressive means to enable access to finance and is one of the key sectors in the blockchain space.

Decentralised finance unlocks liquidity more quickly that traditional systems. DeFi also has the potential to increase transparency and financial security and supports a financial system that’s fairer to all.

DeFi can be applied to a vast number of use cases ranging from token utilisation to Know Your Transaction (KYT) and compliance solutions.

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