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Recycling and the Environment

Cleaning the environment from plastic and other recyclables

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Blockchain for Sustainability, Recycling and the Environment

Big technology must always strike a balance with the environmental impact it has and, at Red Skies, we place significant focus on building and supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly projects.

Our open source Blockchain protocol, Catalyst, has been designed to ultimately achieve a stage of being carbon neutral through a combination of an efficient consensus mechanism, economical data management, cost-effective use of compute and the reinvestment of some of the fees back into green carbon reducing projects.

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explores how blockchain can help the plastic recycling chain with deposit return schemes. 

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This document provides a brief introduction in a printable format for how blockchain can help with recycling. 

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leading innovators in plastic recycling

How can blockchain help recycling and reduce waste?

Red Skies has experience of working with partners on plastic recycling projects including track and trace of plastic in the community and deposit return schemes to encourage and incentivise habitual recycling. We have built mobile applications for tracking plastics across the entire recycling chain.

Tracking plastics in the supply chain is a great method to encourage recycling. We ran a pilot with the Reward4Waste app, a track and trace product designed to encourage consumer recycling through a deposit return scheme which can be run by any government or business. This is a great potential application in any industry using plastic containers and bottles.

Bottles are tokenised on a blockchain with a unique identity allowing bottles to be traced from the store to the recycle bin and the recycle centre with deposit rewards paid to users who recycle. 

If this is a programme you’d like to know more about, get in touch and explore how blockchain can help the plastic recycling supply chain with deposit return schemes.

Industry decentralised

Mobile plastic recycling

We have the infrastructure in place to support your business in joining the movement towards a sustainable and recycling-focused future. With our core protocol capabilities, the possibilities are only just opening up to a new, cleaner world. The world is changing rapidly. Red Skies is here to help you navigate the new world of recycling management.

Red Skies has been working with the leading innovators in plastic recycling, Cryptocycle, on a project to use blockchain to tokenise bottles and other products while encouraging consumers to recycle through a mobile-based deposit return scheme.

While national recycling projects clean up countries, expanding these projects internationally helps to track where plastics in the oceans are coming from and where efforts need to be increased to tackle this global problem.

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