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Timescribe is a blockchain-based timestamping technology that allows you to create proof of existence and ownership for all your files. Proofs created on Timescribe are traceable, immutable and independent. 

Traceable – Every Timescribe user is assigned a unique digital signature. This signature is used for signing the proofs generated by the user and permanently links the proof with the user.  

Immutable – Timescribe proofs are registered on the Ethereum blockchain as a transaction. The essence of blockchain is creating a series of transactions that are linked to one another and that cannot be altered or deleted once registered.  

Independent – Timescribe proofs are registered on Ethereum, a public blockchain. This entails that the proofs can be accessed without utilising Timescribe and will continue to exist independently from Timescribe.  

“Create a proof quickly, store it and have it available universally as an unarguable proof.” 
– Darren Priestnall (CEO of Atlas City)  

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Timescribe is highly secure and confidential to use. By using hashing algorithms, we ensure that the contents of your file remain discrete and accessible only by you i.e. not even Timescribe can access the contents. Essentially, your files never leave your device and it is only the unique hash of your file that is used for creating the proof and registering it onto the Ethereum blockchain.  

With trust being imperative in business and life, it is essential that you can trust the documents and files that have been sent to you or created within your organisation. Timescribe ensures that documents can be traced back to a specific user and to a specific date and time. It is an easy method of proving the existence of documents 

It takes 3 clicks to timestamp using our tool – with minimal disruption to your workflow – and completely free to use  

As a company, we are keen to provide you with simple and easy-to-adopt blockchain tools to show you how convenient and effective blockchain technology can be. We know that you are most likely aware of timestamping in other formats – on photographs or emails – and now we want to show you how to use enhance this functionality for your business by using blockchain.  

Get started at www.timescribe.io or email us at hello@timescribe.io for more information. 

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